It is with great sadness that All4charities has closed its programme. This shopping programme has unfortunately failed to attract sufficient support to justify its continuance, so the directors have decided to close the programme.

We are grateful to you as members, to Stephen Fry for his Tweet, USDAW Union, Alumni of Sussex University and to those companies and charities that have helped promote it.

We are also very grateful to all the volunteers, including the Independent Financial Committee, accountancy firm Sykes Dalby & Truelove, Co-Op Bank and Patrons, who have assisted in the programme in many varied and helpful ways, without charge.

As directors we are pleased and proud to have initiated this programme, which served to deliver every penny from the retailers commission to the members' nominated charities, for which we thank everyone who supported us in this endeavour.

The total sum raised has been £9,593.00

Included in the above sum is £250 of unallocated commission receipts, which the directors will allocate to the following charities;

Macmillan Cancer Support & Save the Children Fund.

The Directors of All4Charities