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Questions about All4charities - and the answers

How does All4charities website work?
No. The prices are the same in the retail or online. In fact, some retailers give exclusive 'Internet-only' discounts, special offers and even money saving 'eVouchers' to our members, which enable you to save money, as well as raising funds for your favourite charity or cause.
YES. Every retailer listed on our site offers a secure and approved payment process. You are linked directly to the retailer via our site, so your transaction is direct with them for payment processing and delivery of the goods you purchase.
The retailer’s overhead costs are much lower for online shopping sales, which allow them to pay such commissions. They are happy to help support charities and good causes too.
We use proven and existing technology that tracks your purchase with a tracking code. If you cancel your order or return your goods the system will drop your commission and it will not show on your member page
When nominating any registered charity then that charity will get 100% of the commission we receive, without deductions from us and without any overriders (hidden commissions). With some categories such as mobile phones and insurance there is a cash value. If a retailer offers more than one donation, or if there is any special information about the retailer, please click the image.
As soon as cleared funds have been received then they are automatically transferred within 10 days, the only delay will be if your chosen charity hasn't given us their bank details. You can view all commission and see how much you have donated in your members login.
In addition to the work that All4charities does through this website, we wish also to donate key streams of income that are received by us and to be then placed within a Members Voting Programme for further distribution to charities. For example we receive interest from bank deposits, as well as additional income from certain retailers that operate higher tiered commission rates – meaning a higher commission is given because turnover exceeded certain parameters, the rounding down of pence when allocated to the members account (fractions of a penny can add up) as well as the possibility of any untracked income or closed account. 100% of this extra income is therefore passed into a Members Voting Programme account. Members are periodically asked, should they wish to participate, to firstly vote upon choosing a list of charities from those listed charities on the website, and then secondly to vote upon that list as to which charity they would like to see receive the extra funds (one member one vote). The resulting votes cast will then determine the amount of distribution to each charity, according to the percentage split amongst the charities. In addition there will be advertising income, for which 75% of such income will also be put to the members to vote on within that account. The remaining 25% is retained to go towards operating costs. As a member you can vote for your chosen charity to receive additional monies, but we do ask that you select an alternative charity in order to help spread the funds to smaller charities.
NO. You have not received the income, nor are you due to pay tax on it, therefore you cannot claim tax relief (or gift aid). All4Charities has acted as your agent to collect the commission and then paid it to charity on your behalf. Because we pass 100% to charity there is no tax to pay.
None whatsoever.
Yes. You can switch to a different charity within your membership account at anytime. The commission income derived will be posted to your account that was associated at the time of the order being processed. When you nominate a new charity then future income will go to that organisation. In the event that you wish to operate with two charities simultaneously by dedicated commission to both then you can do this by setting up a new membership but this must be a different email address.
Affiliate commission programmes are not new. for example has over one million affiliates and they all link back to website. Each affiliate collecting a commission of between 5%-10%, subject to product inclusion in the programme, turnover or delivered orders in a given period. Some websites actually hide an admin fee within the commission and advertise lower commission rates, whereas all4charities passes on 100% of the commission. We have linked with hundreds of major retailers in the UK, for which a commission is then collected from each order that is tracked individually with special coding. 100% of the commission income is then passed on to a charity of the members’ choosing.
Some retailers pay a higher commission rate when greater sales are achieved in any given period. Examples are; EBay pay 30% commission based on turnover of up to 1,000 pounds per month and rises to 60% on sales of over 500,000 pounds. Additional tiered new user income is given that is worth from 8 to 11 pounds applies too. Kuoni Travel offers per month: 0 - 5 bookings get 3% 5 - 10 bookings get 4% 10+ bookings get 5% commission. This programme will even saves a charity from undertaking their own programme, by simply directing their members to us and nominating their charity. Charities that may well have a programme to collect retailers’ commission will not have the advantage of maximising income from higher commission rates or tiered higher volume percentages. Some tiered commission rates given, by retailers, will show retrospectively on a members account when moving to higher tiers, but not all. Those that do not show are regarded as untracked commission income and passed onto charities on the voting members programme, so all commission is accountable and passed onto charity.
We regret that we are unable to include many companies trading online in the affiliate programme at this time. If you feel that charities may benefit from inclusion of your favourite online retailer then please do let us know and we will contact them for inclusion in this site. Please note that some retailers may have a policy of not allowing fundraising programmes to be included in their affiliate programmes.
No, you do not need to alter any browser settings to use All4charities. If cookies are disabled, you can enable them, since the majority of retailers allow purchases made up to 30 days later from when you click the link within the All4charities website.
About All4charities
We offer absolute transparency in all our operations, which will all be visible on the website. In fact, we do not take any commission or overrider (hidden kickbacks) from the retailer, so the full 100% commission income that is received is then paid to the members’ favourite charities in the UK. The Co-Op bank in the UK has kindly offered us free banking services. Income, such as deposit interest and unallocated bonus tier commissions that cannot be allocated to a specific charity, is passed onto charities on a members’ rotating voting system and will be shown on the website. All income will clearly be displayed on the website, so that members will know what apportionment of income is retained by all4charities for operational costs, what will be retained profit and what is donated additionally to charities over and above the commissionable income that all4charities receive.
It doesn’t. The partners are not expecting to make money in the first 3-5 years. To ensure that in the future all4charities can be self supporting and expand as a viable business we will endeavour to link to income sources related to sponsored link search/other advertising. We will donate all income from this revenue source, according to the votes cast by the members in favour of the members approved list of charities that changes periodically, after operational costs are taken into account. Operational costs are overseen by the Independent Financial Committee (IFC). We will keep members fully informed on the website about income and what are our operational costs at all times. In the fullness of time we will include additional programmes that will also be beneficial to charitable causes, as well as putting to members profitable programmes that will generate additional income for charities, whilst also providing us with income to expand the organisation. All such programmes will be detailed on the website in due course.
Being a registered charity would involve us in seeking donations, grants and generally raising funds to support the programme, which we wish to avoid, in preference to being self supporting financially and profitable in the longer term as a social enterprise. We will make it clear to all concerned that we are not a charity, and do not seek to have charitable status. Our purpose is to provide a service that enables individuals to increase their charitable giving and charities with a new stream of income. Most importantly the partners are intent that the programme will generate considerable additional funding for charities that is in excess of the 100% commissionable income they will receive from online sales. Like you, the member, we are supporting charities, so that with our skills it enables you to raise more funds, which is our contribution to charities generally, rather than donating to a specific charity. This is why the charity commission has allowed us to register and use the name ‘All4Charities and Good Causes Limited’.
Set up by 4 partners, whose details are on About Us as a Social Enterprise. All of whom have given their skills and time to develop this website.
A social enterprise is a business that is set up to tackle social or environmental needs using business methods. Many commercial businesses would consider themselves to have social objectives, but social enterprises are distinctive because their social or environmental purpose is central to what they do. Rather than maximising shareholder value their main aim is to generate profit to further their social and environmental goals. All4charites seeks to facilitate charities with a source of commission income without allocating an operational cost as a deduction and to provide additional funding.
Operational funding is given by the partners, and underwritten by Bruce Gibson, until such times as it is fully financially self supporting. The cost of building the website has been funded by the much appreciated work of Mission Communications Ltd. Internal controls ensure that the money we collect on your behalf reaches your chosen charity. To further ensure that what we say is what we do there is an internal controls of double checking and an independent audit.
1. 100% of the commissionable income we receive is passed to the charity of the members’ choice at no cost or disadvantage to any party. 2. No additional cost to a member upon any retail purchase. 3. No membership fee. 4. Maximises the income for charities, particularly when commissions are paid on a tiered system basis. 5. Additional advertising income will also all go to charities, net of operational costs. 4. All bank interest receipts, as well as unallocated income from tiered commission receipts when moving from one tier to another, are passed to charities on a members voting programme and more. 7. Complete transparency of operation can be viewed on the website. Members’ can see in real-time how much they have raised for each charity they support. 8. Internal double checking controls ensure what we say we do we actually do, as well as having an independent auditor appointed.
• To develop the enterprise so that it benefits the charities chosen by the members. • To always act with honesty, integrity and respect. • Be accountable and transparent. • Forward minded, open and supportive
Company Name - All4Charities and Good Causes Limited Place of registration United Kingdom Registered number 7015155 Registered office; Red House, 65-66 Marine Parade, Brighton BN2 1AD
Orders and Earnings
Your purchase is direct with the retailer, so you must direct your questions or any complaint that you may have to the retailer you purchased the product or service from.
The income is shown as pending or cleared in your member’s account, which when cleared is then passed on to the charity of your choice by automated bank transfer (BACS). Such income is then transferred directly to the charities on a monthly basis. As a member you're not responsible for any unearned income tax, according to information provided to us by UK tax sources. The income shown in your member’s account does not attract income tax because it is a charitable donation. Gift aid is not applicable because you have not paid tax on income that could have formed part of the donation.
You must be logged in, then click 'My Account' at the top of the website, this will take you to your member area. Now click 'Earnings' to view a report of earnings.
Orders can take up to 72 hours to be added to you Member section. The orders will have a status of pending until the order is confirmed, this can take up to 30 days be confirmed. After this time your donation should be confirmed.
Orders can take up to 3 working days to show in you account section for orders and earnings. If your order does not appear after a long period, then please make sure you have received the goods from the retailer. The retailer will do update your order to our system until goods have been despatched.
Member Section
Once logged in you click on 'My Account' at the top of the page, then click 'Your Details'.
Once logged in you click on 'My Account' at the top of the page, then click 'Your Details'. You can enter a new password, you must re-enter this password to confirm it before you click 'Update'.
A validation email is sent to your email account after you have joined All4charities. If you cannot see the email then please check your Spam Box or Junk Box to see if it has gone in there by mistake. If you have not received this email then please contact All4charities.
All4charities Logos
Yes. We have created a selection of creative banners for you to use on your website. Please go here and download the appropriate one for your website.



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